Globalization and the expansion of markets have accelerated the production flows of goods and services throughout the world, modifying the way of life of people, companies and countries. Currently, there is no area of human knowledge that is not related to globalization, permeating all fields of human activity, acquiring a multidimensional character, related to economics, culture, politics, ecology and other areas of knowledge. Globalization is supported by trade flows of capital, information, and knowledge, among others, involving most countries and their inhabitants. It also implies a greater cultural and economic interaction between peoples, intensified using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which put at risk people with less knowledge and skills in their use, including in the financial and resource management aspects. Within the technologies with applications to the financial area we find those used for operations and tools for means of payment, electronic money, security and identification of people, and others as complex as big data. This has increased the need for people, from an early age, to develop the knowledge, attitudes

and skills that allow them to generate their welfare in this environment.

Publicado: 2022-12-27